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Fri Oct 7 10:50:31 BST 2005

On Friday 07 October 2005 11:46, Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Op vrijdag 07 oktober 2005 11:32, schreef Boudewijn Rempt:
> Hi,
> > Setting the language and region settings is not just something that
> > should be done from kdm anyway: not all installations are purely
> > personal. There are plenty of computers where the children work in Dutch
> > and the parents in English, for instance. And the guest from the states
> > who gets an account for a week or two will have her own setting in her
> > fresh kde.
> I don't see a reason why KDM is not capable of making the language
> selection available. KDM is able to remember a couple of user related
> settings (such as the last started environment, the user faces at the
> left), so it could also store which language a certain user prefers.

So, then we'd need a kind of pre-personalizer? One that makes it immediately 
clear to people that they can set language and so on, instead of having them 
actually notice some button or menu that's probably well hidden in all the 
kdm prettiness? Much better ask them up-front, once, on the the first time of 
their using the system.

Boudewijn Rempt
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