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Jarosław Staniek js at
Wed Oct 5 08:54:34 BST 2005

Ralf Habacker said the following, On 2005-10-05 09:30:

>>>>May be other compiler stuff may be located in similar directories.
>>>>	win/msvc/...
>>>>	win/bcc/.
>>>>As an alternative to the above mentioned layout the following directory
>>>>layout change seems to good, because the current layout makes it very
>>>>hard to differ public from local includes files especially if there are
>>>>different compilers and compiler specific includes trees.
>>>>A possible suggestion looks like this
>>>>	win/include/mingw/sys...
>>>>	win/src/(mingw)
>>>what does win/src/ contain? include files?
>>c and cpp files.
>>The main problem is that if h and c files are in the same directory, it is
>>not possible to avoid including this h file.  My  proposal looks like this
>>generic public includes
>>compiler specific public includes
>>local source files
>>win/src/win32_utils.h  (unsure if this is a public include, if not it must
>>be located here )
>>3rdparty code
>>resulting include definitions when compiling outside win dir -> win/include
>>for general definitions followed by  win/include/[msvc | mingw] ... for the
>>compile specific definitions.
>>This scheme allows also to reduce the compilers header copying problem you
>>have by adding the compiler include path at the end of the list ?

Now I can see include/ dir is needed, so I am OK with this as well as with
include/{compilername}/ .

> If you have problems moving all the src files into src, they could be still 
> located in win. 

Yes I would just keep source *.{c|cpp} files in win/.

Please apply these fixes.

> What is real required is to move the headers into include 
> subdir like the above mentioned scheme. If you like I can try to patch the 
> required pro files, that you have very small work. 

Unnecessary, since we're not using qmake for kdelibs4, but only in current 3.5 
branch. .pro files and shell scripts were just left here after branching 3.5, 
and are kept to have a guideline what object file goes (comes from) where and 
what compiler option may be needed. I guess after some time these files will 
be removed, so there's no need make them up to date.

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