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Holger Freyther freyther at gmx.net
Sun Oct 2 23:42:17 BST 2005

Am 03.10.2005 um 00:15 schrieb Michael Pyne:

> Wow, have you used KDE?  Every time I've tested GNOME in the past  
> few years
> KDE was 'faster', or at least appeared so.  Many hackers smarter  
> than I have
> invented hacks and other techniques to make KDE the best performing  
> desktop
> of its class, so I'm not sure to what mindset you're referring.

Well as I have said, it is not about speed or the extra mallocs or  
even the memory usage. It is about people being too focused on the  
'current' form of desktops (i386 platform) and declaring machines  
with <= 2Ghz as old are totally missing the development of mobile  
devices  - anyway this is off topic.

KDE's integration is also its biggest problem for entering the  
Consumer Electronics market. Have you ever tried to only use KIO in  
your application but not kdecore/kdeui?
Well that is practically impossible as we all know.
Well for Nokia it was possible to just pick Gnome VFS (pay some bucks  
to make it use DBUS instead of CORBA), simply pick Abiword and many  
other Gnome stuff and
integrate it into their CE product.

And I appologize for completely going off topic here...
(Note that this is partially addressed with KDE4)


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