KAction port: do we need to support multiple shortcuts per action?

Matthias Ettrich ettrich at trolltech.com
Tue Nov 29 16:58:20 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 29 November 2005 17:02, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> If we were to use QAction as a base for KAction in KDE4, to
> keep this feature we (or Trolltech) would have to add multiple sequence
> support.

...which is trivial to do in a few lines of code. Wrt the API, is one 
alternative shortcut enough or does it have to be lists? Is it OK that the 
shortcut context is the same for all shortcuts? In that case, adding a simple

 void setAlternativeShortcuts(const QList<QKeySequence>&)
 QList<QKeySequence> alternativeShortcuts() const;

is all it takes. And sending a patch to qt-bugs.


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