KDE4 porting - next issue: autohell

Stefan Winter swinter at kde.org
Mon Nov 28 07:00:12 GMT 2005


> IIRC the suggested solution is something like
> while (true)
> {
> 	foo = read();
> 	if (foo.isNull()) break;
> 	doSomething()
> }

Great, this works. It looks somewhat ugly, but as long as it does what it's 
supposed to, okay.

The next thing I've experienced:
I've created a .ui file kwifi_ifacewidget.ui with Qt4 Designer, and added it 
to kwifimanager_SOURCES, METASOURCES = AUTO.
After a 
unsermake -f Makefile.cvs; configure
it did show up in the resulting Makefile, in a line called
QT4_UIFILES = kwifi_ifacewidget
and that is it's _only_ appearance. It doesn't show up in METASOURCES, and 
isn't compiled at all. Most other places I looked in, .ui files were put into 
QT3_UIFILES and were processed correctly. The code and .ui file is in svn, 
trunk/KDE/kdenetwork/wifi. Any hints on that one?


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