[PATCH] Fix possible typo in kmix

Ismail Donmez ismail at uludag.org.tr
Mon Nov 21 09:32:10 GMT 2005

Hi all,

kmix.cpp starting line 496 says :

   this->setUpdatesEnabled(false); <-- Updates disabled

   for (KMixerWidget *mw=m_mixerWidgets.first(); mw!=0; 
      mw->setTicks( m_showTicks );
      mw->setLabels( m_showLabels );
      mw->mixer()->readSetFromHWforceUpdate(); // needed, as updateDocking() 
has reconstructed the DockWidget

   this->setUpdatesEnabled(false); <-- Updates disabled again ???

I think the second call is meant to be  this->setUpdatesEnabled(true);
Patch attached.

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