#undef QT3_SUPPORT in paste.cpp

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Nov 14 15:44:21 GMT 2005

On Monday 14 November 2005 16:20, you wrote:
> This helped:
> #undef QT3_SUPPORT
> #undef QT_MOC_COMPAT
> #define QT_MOC_COMPAT

I don't understand why this is necessary; qglobal.h defines QT_MOC_COMPAT
depending on QT3_SUPPORT, and this is the very first # line in the file, before any #include...

Ah, do you use -include "..." or whatever is the Windows way of including a file from
the command line? This would explain why qglobal.h is parsed before the very top of paste.cpp

Feel free to do whatever you prefer - removing the qt3_support or adding those 3 lines
or making it linux only. But I think the best solution would be to avoid -include hacks.

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