Serbian character transliteration tables (From: Use Case; was: KDE (vs GNOME))

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Mon Nov 14 15:00:02 GMT 2005

> Could you (or anyone) provide similar conversion table for your language 
> (group of languages)? Many of them can be even guessed without a need to
> know the language.

This might lead to a confusion, as the transliteration of same non-ASCII 
character to ASCII might be different in different languages. Perhaps, if 
you have several possible transliterations for one character, you could 
first try to match one of them with the language of current locale, and if 
there is no match... well :)

Anyway, here are the tables for Serbian, so you see what you can make of 

1) The part of Serbian Cyrillic which is shared with other Cyrillics (but 
that doesn't mean I am sure that eg. Russians or Bulgarians would do the 

"а", "a",
"б", "b",
"в", "v",
"г", "g",
"д", "d",
"е", "e",
"ж", "z",
"з", "z",
"и", "i",
"к", "k",
"л", "l",
"м", "m",
"н", "n",
"о", "o",
"п", "p",
"р", "r",
"с", "s",
"т", "t",
"у", "u",
"ф", "f",
"х", "h",
"ц", "c",
"ч", "c",
"ш", "s",
"А", "A",
"Б", "B",
"В", "V",
"Г", "G",
"Д", "D",
"Е", "E",
"Ж", "Z",
"З", "Z",
"И", "I",
"К", "K",
"Л", "L",
"М", "M",
"Н", "N",
"О", "O",
"П", "P",
"Р", "R",
"С", "S",
"Т", "T",
"У", "U",
"Ф", "F",
"Х", "H",
"Ц", "C",
"Ч", "C",
"Ш", "S",

2) The Serbian-specific Cyrillic characters:

"ђ", "dj",
"ј", "j",
"љ", "lj",
"њ", "nj",
"ћ", "c",
"џ", "dz",
"Ђ", "Dj",
"Ј", "J",
"Љ", "Lj",
"Њ", "Nj",
"Ћ", "C",
"Џ", "Dz",

3) The non-ASCII Serbian Latin characters:

"đ", "dj",
"ž", "z",
"ć", "c",
"č", "c",
"š", "s",
"Đ", "Dj",
"Ž", "Z",
"Ć", "C",
"Č", "C",
"Š", "S",

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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