Qt->glib main event loop patch (common main loop)

Leo Savernik l.savernik at aon.at
Fri Nov 11 19:17:28 GMT 2005

Am Freitag, 11. November 2005 13:57 schrieb nf2:
> That's because QEventloop code is not cross-platform and not free of GUI
> related code (at least in Qt3). in fact the ./configure decides, which
> source-files are used for QEventloop. Secondly, the "common main loop"
> is only required for the "free desktop" (unix/x11).

Qt3 is past. Qt4 is the future. While developing new features against Qt3 may 
be nice for a case study, you shouldn't make any assumptions before you 
haven't gathered information with Qt4.

Then, the question still stands: Does it link against glib (hard, not 
dlopened, i. e. will all KDE applications be penalized by loading additional 
code which adds nothing to the proper functioning of KDE and using up 
additional memory)?
If it does, what was the answer of the gnome project when you suggested to 
base their glib onto QtCore?

> A) generic desktop adapter library
> My favorite is "libdesktop-adapter", which exposes a standardized set of 
> desktop-features:
> * file-dialogs
> * vfs (simple features like download and upload file)
> * ...
> Applications load the appropriate desktop-adapter with dlopen(), 
> depending on the desktop they are running in.
> libdadapt-kde-1.0.so
> libdadapt-gnome-1.0.so

The only use-case for your proposal seems to be interoperability between 
different toolkits. Hence, from an architectural point of view, it is not 
viable to change each toolkit itself, but implement the functionality in 
higher layers. The proposed libadapt-*-*.so would be perfectly suitable for 
such a purpose, plugging into the respective event loop on an as-needed 

I again suggest that you look into the event loop infrastructure Qt4 provides 
before attempting to changing the toolkit core.

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