The future of KAction

Jonas Bähr jonas.baehr at
Fri Nov 11 10:04:14 GMT 2005


Am 11.11.2005 um 07:38 schrieb Hamish Rodda:
> These can be provided by the new KAction quite easily (except I  
> can't see a
> need to keep group(), so I'd probably remove it).

Although I don't know what group() is currently used for, I suggest  
to add somthing like category() as a string-property. This would  
allow easyly to group the actions in the edit-toolbar- or edit- 
shortcut dialogs. In the most KDE-Application we have lots of actions  
in a flat list. What do you think of changing this into a one level  
tree, grouped by category...
For Krusader, by example, we've got already lots of normal KActions  
and in addition our Bookmarks are a KAction subclass as well as our  
UserActions (something like konqis service-menus but with all  
benefits the KAction provides). A Way to organise KActions in  
categories (for the edit-*-dialigs) would also be nice for KMail and  
others with very long action-lists.

> Some features will be difficult if not impossible to keep:
> * the activated() signal with the activation reason.  I can't see  
> the required
> hooks anywhere.

Does this include a way to determin if an action was activated by  
rightclick (alt-click, ctrl-click)? I'd love to provide a context- 
menu for some actions...


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