dcopserver and KDE4

Thomas Braxton brax108 at cox.net
Thu Nov 10 19:30:18 GMT 2005

On Thursday 10 November 2005 01:10 pm, George Staikos wrote:
> On Thursday 10 November 2005 13:08, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> > >    Ok, that's what I thought.  "I don't know" and "probably".  Let's
> > > wait until we have a situation where you can say "KDE2 apps -cannot-
> > > work because X, and X cannot be fixed."
> >
> > I didn't say they can't be fixed. I just don't think KDE2 *binaries*
> > would work, since the QDataStream format has changed between versions,
> > the DCOP wire protocol would be different. But I don't have any KDE2
> > binaries around to test. I think with regards to dcopServerFile(), KDE2
> > _is_ source compatible, so a recompile would make them binary and wire
> > compatible again. KDE2 dcopserver would have a problem because it uses
> > it's own version of dcopServerFile().
>    My understanding, though I haven't checked, is that the wire protocol is
> not supposed to change.
This change has nothing to do with the wire protocol. It only changes the 
name/location of the DCOP server socket, and whether we make a link to the 
old name, which hasn't been used since KDE2. My comments about the wire 
protocol changing were simply pointing out that a KDE2 binary probably 
wouldn't be able to read the data sent to it even though we link the new name 
to the old name, but like I said I don't have any KDE2 binaries around to 


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