Vinay Khaitan vkhaitan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 11:04:52 GMT 2005

> From my personal experience with software with "beginner"/"normal"/"expert"
> levels, I would think that it is not so good.
> Mostly the step between each level is high. Sometimes you have even the
> feeling that between "beginner" and "expert" it is not the same
> application.
> Also often I had to select "expert" anyway, as at least one needed option
> was offered only in that level.
> Also there is the risk that a user drops the application because a feature
> is "not there", because it is available only in the "expert" level, but the
> user does not feel to be a geek, therefore does not use the "expert" mode
> and so he never sees the feature.
I totally agree with you.
The reason is that,  Options and expertness has no direct necessary 
correlation, whereas "need" has more closer relations with expected Options. 
and because of diverse world, needs of the users varies very much even for 
novice users.
So hiding options according to "expertness" is bad.

> Those make changing levels very hard, as suddenly the application behaves
> differently.
> >  3) putting all avanced option in an advanced tab ?
> I think that it is the only sane solution. The options are there but the
> user can be told: "Those are advanced options. Do not touch if you do not
> need them!"

Right, I agree with you here too. But there are some comments.
The default UI should the one which are mostly used. Not the bloat like what 
konqueror currently shows.
One tab not necessarily covers the all necessary advanced option. It is better 
to have "advanced" button, which opens a different GUI with advanced options.

All the advanced tab options should have a nice "WhatsThis" type comment, 
which will be displayed in a Area into advanced tab, which will help users to 
chose the correct options.

> >  4) or removing all the option to put them in another hiden application
> >      (KTweekUI / GConfEditor / RegEdit )
for god sake, no gconfeditor :( . Normal users are sure to miss this. You 
know, I have tried many times many gnome apps, but till now I dont understand 
fully what the hell is gconfeditor :) . As I said that advanced options are 
not correlated to expertness.

Can I have the previous discussion link ?

Vinay Khaitan

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