Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Wed Nov 9 09:29:12 GMT 2005

Le Mardi 8 Novembre 2005 11:14, Stephan Binner a écrit :

> User levels don't work, see previous discussions. Citing such reports as
> argumentation for it is poor and doesn't change this fact.

Each time someone suggest that, here or on kde-usability, there is someone to 
say "it's bad, see previous discussions" and that's all

But what are the "previous discussion" you are referring to,  have you a link 
or something that could let me know.

First, "user levels"  should be defined.
 1) is it different UI depending the level ?
 2) different default option depending the level ?
 3) putting all avanced option in an advanced tab ?
 4) or removing all the option to put them in another hiden application
     (KTweekUI / GConfEditor / RegEdit )

I think that it has been said, on "previous discussion" that #1 is bad,  
because it doesn't let the user the change to evoluate progressively.

For the same reason, i think #4 is bad too, and even, the setting is more 
difficult to find, outside of the application.

But the #2 (which is, if i understand correctly, what has been suggested in 
the original post)  looks verry fine

Personaly, i like the #2,  but i am strongly against #4

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