Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Wed Nov 9 04:27:55 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 23:48, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Jonas Christian Drewsen wrote:
> >I think KDE could get rid of lot of bloat by:
> >
> >1) Strip Control Center and other setting dialogs to the most
> > common stuff.
> >
> >2) Create a new app called e.g. KTweakGui or something that can be
> > used for all the special things like text shadows, cursor
> > settings etc.
> I'd add one more:
> 3) Remove advanced options in favour of scriptability. E.g.,
> "expire all emails in 45 days from this folder, except unread
> emails (which should expire in 90 days) and important emails (which
> should never expire). And, oh, please expire spam in 7 days".

No objections here.

While we're dreaming, er planning. It would be nice if the scripting 
support was rich enough so that the context menu actions for the 
headers list, reader window, and folder tree could be implemented in 
it. Along with some main menu actions like remove duplicates.

> Ok, that's an extreme and non-existant case. But there has been a
> wishlist on bugs.kde.org about not expiring Important emails.
> That's one example of feature that should be present in the form of
> scripting.

Not an urgent issue, but yes would be nice.

BTW: Kudos for all the work on KMail bugs recently.

Don Sanders.

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