Qt4addons module?

Harri Porten porten at froglogic.com
Mon May 30 13:34:53 BST 2005

I'll just pick up a few of your example. Admittingly the easier ones but I
don't claim to have the solution for all problems on day 1.

On Mon, 30 May 2005, Hans Meine wrote:

> - KColorButton: seemingly harmless, but uses KGlobalSettings::dndEventDelay()
>  (and KColorDialog, did not bother to port that either)
> - I wrote a dummy KDebug substitute, because that depends on lots of stuff
> - KDialog depends on e.g. Xinerama stuff and KApplication (for the caption)
> - KDialogBase depends on KGlobalSettings::buttonLayout, KGuiItem, KURLLabel

All these problems can be solved by porting the major parts of kdecore,
kdeui etc, no? The idea of having single K* standalone classes is not what
we should strive for I would say. Some may be possible but those would be
mostly trivial and don't add much value. What's our big weight is the
power brought by the *interaction* of several classes. Dependencies to X11
or Unix file system specifics have to go, of course. But fixing those is a
rather minor effort compared to "dumb down" all our classes by ripping out
their KDE magic.


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