User interaction from KImgIo

Brad Hards bradh at
Sun May 29 22:52:09 BST 2005

On Mon, 30 May 2005 06:02 am, Michael Ritzert wrote:
> Hi all,
> now that KDE 4 changes have started, I want to bring up and old thread
> again: In we discussed
> how it could be possible to have KImgIO plugins interact with the user.
> Everybody agreed that this would be nice to have, but the discussion how
> to implement it given a fixed API in the pre-4 timeframe ended without a
> conclusion.
I guess there are two issues - what specific features do we need for the image 
plugins, and do those features need a KimgIO class, or can they be done with 
Qt4's QImageIOPlugin/QImageIOHandler?
From what I've seen in Qt4, there may not be a lot more we need - there is now 
support for multiple frames in an image, you can ask the ImageHandler to 
provide a scaled image, a clipped image, a scaled&clipped image, save at a 
specific image resolution and quality,  and save with big or little endian.

> The implementation could be as simple as adding a QWidget* to be used as
> the parent for dialogs and a bool to request action without user
> interaction to the KImgIO interface.
Michael - have you tried porting the JP2 plugin to Qt4? My experience with the 
EXR plugin shows that there are a few things that I'd like to have added, but 
they are probably too specific to EXR.

If there are other things that are needed, we might be able to get the trolls 
to add it. Its getting kinda late, but they can probably add in sooner or 

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