Patch: Fix for KMix PanelApplet (hidden channel bug)

Christian Esken esken at
Thu May 26 10:13:15 BST 2005


I would like to see the fix for the KMix Bugs 90930 and 96821 in the KDE3.4.1 release. I know that KDE3.4.1 was tagged yesterday, but I hope that the tags are not final.
The fix is rather trivial as you see below, but it fixes a really annoying behaviour (some channels disappearing and not accesible to the user).

Before you ask: No, this is *not* a showstopper.

The reason, why I have to activate() the layout at all, is because of the interaction between the Applet and the Panel: The KMix Appplet uses dynamic space in the Panel, which makes it neccesary that the needed space is known "early enough".


chris at bjork:~/SVN/branches/branches/kmix> svn diff -r 418307:HEAD mdwslider.cpp
Index: mdwslider.cpp
--- mdwslider.cpp       (Revision 418307)
+++ mdwslider.cpp       (Revision 418308)
@@ -324,6 +324,8 @@
                         qw->installEventFilter( this );
                 } // has no Record LED
         } // showRecordLED
+       layout()->activate();

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