KDEPrint needs maintainer / developer(s) [I'm retiring somehow]

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Wed May 25 09:43:56 BST 2005

Hi all,

For about 2 years, I've not been very active in the KDE community: I'm barely
trying to maintain kdeprint, but I'm surely not developing it anymore. The
reason is quite simple: I don't have the time nor the resources anymore. I already
sent a mail like this 1.5 year ago, but it didn't trigger any expected reaction.

Now, the situation is still the same. The problem is that bugs are accumulating
and I don't have the time to fix them. I can just give advices to people to avoid
them. New technologies will arrive soon: CUPS-1.2, Qt4. KDEPrint won't be adapted
to those and I fear that people will start more to complain than to enjoy it.  If
I can't find anybody to take it up, at some point, I guess it'd be wiser to get
back to plain QPrinter.

So I wanted to let everybody know that I'm somehow retiring from KDEPrint development.
What I mean by this is that I'll still keep an eye on it an try to help people as
much as I can, but I won't be able to develop anymore. I hope to find someone to
replace me.  I really enjoyed developing kdeprint.


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