Qt4 porting started

Michael Buesch mbuesch at freenet.de
Sun May 22 23:34:46 BST 2005

Quoting "Kurt V. Hindenburg" <kurt.hindenburg at kdemail.net>:
> On Tuesday 10 May 2005 02:43 am, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> | Hi!
> |
> | This is merely for those having too much time and wonder
> | where to help: branches/work/kde4/kdelibs is currently
> | ported to Qt4 (snapshot)
> |
> | For now the goal is getting it basically work with Qt4 at all.
> |
> Does anyone have tarballs (or even better willing to send me a CD-ROM) of 
> branches/work/kde4/?  I suppose I could try to switch from /trunk branch... 
> although I don't have a qt-copy tarball for /trunk

I have a complete tar.bz2 archive of branches/work/kde4/
It's only 92M.
I can upload to http://www.yousendit.com/ , or some
other server (if you tell me one)

Greetings, Michael

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