No Ruby source diffs shown in svn checkins

Jason Voegele jason at
Sun May 22 13:36:06 BST 2005

Richard Dale said:
> On Saturday 21 May 2005 14:45, Harri Porten wrote:
>> What does
>>   svn propget svn:mime-type korundum.rb
> I get:
> application/x-ruby
> So it thinks it's an executable. Could it look at the execute permission
> in
> the svn, and treat it as source or not according to that? Maybe file
> permissions aren't kept in subversion, I don't know much about it.

This is not something that's intrinsic to Subversion's handling of Ruby
files.  I have lots of Ruby code stored in various svn repositories and I
haven't had this problem.  The svn:mime-type property must've been
explicitly set by someone (perhaps using autoprops).

Try using svn log to find out when the property was set on the files in
question.  Also check your ~/.subversion/conf file and make sure that your
autoprops settings aren't automatically marking Ruby files with this
(incorrect) mime-type property.

Perhaps the repository administrators could set up a pre-commit hook to
reject commits with this property setting for Ruby files and any other
files with similar proplems?

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