[PATCH] unsermake bug fix

ralf.habacker at freenet.de ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Tue May 17 21:05:05 BST 2005


I'm compiling kdebase with unsermake and just stumpeld over a bug in 
unsermake, which pretends valid evaluation  of if.. else..endif statements in 

In amfile.py::find_defines(self):

there is the following code snippet which checks the += syntax and should then 
check conditionals in the same level, but it does not , it is defined one 
level to deep. 

if define.group(2) == '+':
	if not self.is_defined(varname):
		utilities.print_error("%s: %s += used before assigned value to the ....
	elif current_cond:
    ^^^^this is one level to deep indented and let the conditional checking 

		if current_cond in utilities.true_conds:
			if current_cond_true:
				self.add_define(varname, value)
		elif current_cond in utilities.false_conds:
			if  not current_cond_true:
				self.add_define(varname, value)
			self.add_define(varname, value)

BTW: This is the one thing I don't like with python. :-)

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