cygwin patches

ralf.habacker at ralf.habacker at
Tue May 17 11:42:51 BST 2005

Hi all, 

I have ported latest kde source to cygwin and like to submit some required so 
that cygwin binaries could be compiled out of the box. The cygwin port is 
target to have a recent kde cygwin release and to have a base for fixing some 
windows related problems which may be used for native win32 port (for example 
the ksycoca access problem or 
 the fork performance problem and other)

The required patches relates to the following categories: 

1. unsermake related patches 
2. build system related patches 
3. source related patches 

I will send the patches of each category in an individual mail containing the 
patch file and notes about the backgrounds for reviewing by others. 

The question i have is if I'm allowed to check the patches in by myself after 
eviewing or if this will be done by others. (I had checked in some patches 
already before) 


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