Ugh... Qt4 porting

Zack Rusin zrusin at
Mon May 16 17:14:06 BST 2005

On Monday 16 May 2005 11:35, Mosfet wrote:
> Lars wrote:
> > I said the math behind it is trivial. And yes, I do think that
> > changing code to handle the premultiplied values instead of non
> > premultiplied ones should in almost all cases be not too hard.
> Except it doesn't really work, as has been pointed out ;-)

And Lars pointed out, if you convert back and forth anyway then 8bit 
precision is not enough in the first place.

> This is how I see things: You have an image format that is really
> fast with a paint device and XRender but that modifies the pixel
> values in a way that looses precision getting original RGB values
> back.

And again, as Lars pointed out the loss resulted from this will not 
result in something that is visually different. 

> And I still want my create() 

As pointed out to you, it's really useless.

> and jumpTable() methods back, 

That's even more.

> and  
> possibly a pointer to the colorTable QVector data so you don't have
> to use copies ;-)

Where's that an issue?


"Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work 
done". --Linus Torvalds 

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