Ugh... Qt4 porting

Mosfet dan.duley at
Mon May 16 15:47:36 BST 2005

Lars wrote:
>I did (just look at the mail header), but your mail server doesn't let my
>mail through, and I'm honestly not willing to go through some stupid
>registration process there.  

Strange that everyone else's mail to me including David's, Harri's, and 
Aaron's is coming in fine... Maybe they think you are spam ;-)

> Yes, it needs second methods. If you have the right abstraction this should
> not be terribly hard to do. Premultiplied alpha support is needed if you
> want to get any decent speed when painting on QImages. The speed difference 
> when doing porter-duff operations (and almost all drawing is that) on a non
> premultiplied and a premultiplied image is about a factor of 4-6. That's 
> enough for me to justify using the format. 

That's fine. If you read my emails I wasn't even really complaining about it 
at first. I was curious about it and asked where it was used. 

I took offense when first you stated it would not need modifications and then 
when wrong you started talking about how trivial it would be to reimplement 
the filters to use it natively. This actually means three sets of code for a 
lot of things: A palette source, RGB/ARGB, and premultiplied. All very 
similiar, but whatever. More likely I will only support RGB/ARGB at first and 
let developers know if they use a painter it will require conversion.

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