Qt4 & enter/exit modal functions

Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Sun May 15 12:52:36 BST 2005


In the course of porting kdelibs to Qt4, we've come across the 
no-longer-available qt_enter_modal and qt_leave_modal functions, which were 
internal to qt and accessed via defines in the files which wanted to use 

The functionality seems to have been moved to QApplicationPrivate (enterModal 
and leaveModal), and the quick & dirty patch to change our code to this is 
attached.  However, this introduces a dependancy on internal headers which is 
no good if the internal headers ever have a BIC change during KDE4.

So, does anyone know a better way to do this?  And, is it ok to commit this in 
the interim, because it holds back quite a bit from compilation...

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