Visibility problem (Fwd: kdewebdev-3.4.0 compile error....)

Michael Pyne pynm0001 at
Sun May 15 08:29:18 BST 2005

On Sunday 15 May 2005 03:14 am, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Hi,
>  Can anyone help me why this happens for some users? The code in
> question is compiled from KDE 3.3.x and is taken from KDE 3.4's
> kdelibs/knewstuff, yet for me it compiled also against KDE 3.3.x, but
> some people get this error and I have no idea how can I solve.
> Andras
> Below is the error:
> In file included from engine.cpp:32:
> knewstuff.h:159: error: visibility arg must be one of
> "default", "hidden", "protected" or "internal"


It appears that his kdemacros.h has a weird declaration of KDE_EXPORT, because 
his compiler is aware of visibility attributes, but seems to be reading an 
incorrect attribute.  It would be nice to see either his kdemacros.h or the 
appropriate pre-processed source to knewstuff.h.

Sounds strange though.

 - Michael Pyne
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