Removing kimageeffect

Zack Rusin zrusin at
Wed May 11 08:17:28 BST 2005


another heads up. 

I want to remove KImageEffect. Well, maybe not remove, more move and 
refactor (where refactor mostly == remove ;) ).

In no particular order:
1) kdecore shouldn't depend on QtGUI or UI classes,
2) kdefx needs to depend on QtGUI,
3) kdecore shouldn't depend on kdefx 

So kdefx should be compiled after kdecore. 
Besides we should restructure kdefx. What is kdefx anyway? Image 
effects? cpu detection? style stuff? Lets try to clear this up. I'd 
like to remove KImageEffects from kdefx and put it into 
libkimageeffects. Then split image effects into a couple groups. 
Ideally I'd like to have basis that all the image manipulation apps 
could reuse. Basically I'd like it to become our version of OSX 
CoreImage lib.
Unless someone has good reasons why I shouldn't do that then I'll do it 
before the end of the week.


Last week, I left my 2 XP CD's on my dashboard in plain view.
Someone broke into my car and left 2 more.

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