KDE 4 namespaces

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon May 9 23:45:21 BST 2005

On Monday 09 May 2005 13:34, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Charles Samuels wrote:
> >	- if you do use "using namespace" using a class like "ListView" is
> > pretty ambiguous.
> And "KListView" is a lot more telling? Sorry, not to me.
> The only difference I see in K-vs-non-K is when you start talking
> about application-specific classes. If I see KMListView in KMail, I
> know it's a KMail-specific class, whereas KListView would be in the
> libraries.

And that's all the developer is interested in.

> > - if you use "using namespace" A person looking at a class like
> > "ListView" will have no idea where the class comes from unless em
> > is familiar with KDE coding.
> Sorry, non-issue again. I don't think "KListView" tells you it comes
> from libkdeui anymore than "ListView" unless you're familiar with our
> libraries. Take, for example, KPixmap: pixmaps are UI, so it is in
> libkdeui, right? Wrong, it is in libkdefx.

So? KPixmap is in kdelibs. That's all I need to know. Sure, it's 
annoying if one has to search the different directories in kdelibs for 
the class. But usually I'm not searching the directory tree but the API 
documentation. All we need to solve this problem is a list of all 
kdelibs classes just like there's an index of all Qt classes.

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