panel related classes in kdeui

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon May 9 18:16:15 BST 2005


there are 3 panel related classes in kdeui:


i only know of two applications that make use of these classes: kicker and 

having them in kdeui poses two annoyances: they get loaded for every 
application as needless overhead, and it makes it very hard for kicker to 
properly work with these classes. for instance, with the settings in kicker 
and the extensions in kdelibs, the settings have been passed back and forth 
between kicker and the extensions. this design (anti-)pattern has resulted in 
a lot of rather spaghetti like code, a lot of inconsistent code and imposed a 
number of unecessary limitations ...

for KDE4 i'd like to move them into kdebase/kicker/share. libkickermain will 
be changing to libkicker and will be made into a proper public library: the 
headers will be installed under $KDELIBS/kicker or $KDELIBS/panel (haven't 
decided yet), global.h/cpp will be renamed to something more sensicle like 
utils, d-pointers will be put in place, etc.. so any application that would 
like to use these classes will still have access to them via that library 
(though would depend on kdebase)

this wil allow for greater integration and refactoring of these classes ...

this is my "official" request for the OK to do this. what say ye? =)

Aaron J. Seigo
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