KDE 4 namespaces

Ilkka Hakkari derega at hollowshell.net
Mon May 9 13:29:33 BST 2005

On Monday 09 May 2005 11:25, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> As beginner you would not just have to figure you want KConfig, no
> you would need to figure what name space is that in, what clashes
> a use "KDE::Core" introduces, what class names you will have to prefix
> to make it compile again, etc. etc. For little to no gain.

As a beginner KDE programmer I would like to see more use of namespaces in KDE 
libraries. It really is somewhat pain in the ass to try to figure out where 
actually is some class coming from. I know that it is more typing with the 
namespaces but my opinion is that it gives more than it takes. 

One thing is the most important: consistency. Now there are way too many 
naming conventions in KDE libraries. It took me almost a week to figure how 
to use KMDI. I'm the kind of a person that does not want just to copy someone 
elses code and build something own on top of that. 
I must know how it works :)

And for example Kate and KDevelop has pretty good autocompletion. 

One more thing about Kdevelop. It would be great to have it use the 
namespaces. For example, when I type "KDE::" it would give me a box where is 
all possible namespaces in that level. And again when I type "KDE::UI::" I 
would see a list of items (namespaces, classes..) in that level. That way It 
would really speed up using the libraries. 

Ilkka Hakkari

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