Could scripty visit selected branches too?

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Sat May 7 19:26:11 BST 2005

Dnia sobota 7 maja 2005 19:17,
Stephan Kulow (Stephan Kulow <coolo at>)
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> On Saturday 07 May 2005 18:24, Jarosław Staniek wrote:
> > Could scripty generate .po files for branches/kexi/0.9 ?
> Not really. And the problem is not exactly scripty (even though
> a kde-i18n checkout per application may let explode),
> but that translators can't cope with a branch per application.

So, what is the advice if there's more than one month while KOffice is frozen 
and we want to release independant app? What to do if some translators are 
going to do translation for new (0.9) branch? 

I have one translation ready: should I commit it to a weird place somewhere or 
keep it outside of the KDE SVN? 

Also note that translators will have to do the work of translating 0.9 branch 
anyway, when it is merged with trunk after KOffice defreeze (june).

I hope answers to these questions could help not only for our project...

regards / pozdrawiam,
 Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska
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