Install a test SVN server at home

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at
Thu May 5 14:48:13 BST 2005

If you wanna play with SVN, then it might be an idea to install a test SVN 
"server" on your own machine.
You do this simply by running
svnadmin create /home/me/mysvn-server (update path to your liking)

Next cd into a directory you want to play with in the server, and do:
svn import file:///home/me/mysvn-server/trunk 

you may also want to do
svn mkdir file:///home/me/mysvn-server/branches if you want to play with such.

finally, you may check out a version of your new files:
svn co file:///home/me/mysvn-server/trunk/...


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