SVN: change defaults for line endings

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Thu May 5 02:01:37 BST 2005

Andreas Roth wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm working on the dcop port to win32. So i noticed some issues using the
> native CRLF-Files:
> The script in kdelibs/dcop/tests is written for LF-Files.
> First i got error when i used the script, since the
> cygwin perl does not handle both eol-styles correctly (or the script

Perhaps not, but the win32 (activestate or similar) perl does. And unless
I'm remembering wrong, I'm pretty sure that cygwin (as opposed to win32)
subversion produces LF for eol-style: native. So this really seems like a
problem of mixing toolsets - if using cygwin for the GNU tools, one should
use cygwin's svn (and LF), if using native tools use native svn (and CRLF).
Not that I'd be surprised if it basically requires a cygwin environment to
be unix-y enough to get kde's configury working.

But I'm not a KDE/win32 person in any case, so don't put too much weight on
my opinion...

> doesn't do it yet). This is one problem. I think this eol-style can lead
> to errors when using scripts (like perl or shell scripts) and when these
> script does not handle the CRLF eol-style. Since all scripts are written
> for Unix-System some script may fail to run on Win32 with CRLF-Files.
> The eol-style does not matter on C/C++ files, since all compilers support
> both eol-styles.
> Regards,
> A. Roth

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