SVN: change defaults for line endings

Andreas Roth aroth at
Wed May 4 17:58:07 BST 2005


i'm working on the dcop port to win32. So i noticed some issues using the 
native CRLF-Files:
The script in kdelibs/dcop/tests is written for LF-Files. First i 
got error when i used the script, since the cygwin perl does 
not handle both eol-styles correctly (or the script doesn't do it yet). 
This is one problem. I think this eol-style can lead to errors when using 
scripts (like perl or shell scripts) and when these script does not handle 
the CRLF eol-style. Since all scripts are written for Unix-System some script 
may fail to run on Win32 with CRLF-Files.
The eol-style does not matter on C/C++ files, since all compilers support both 

A. Roth

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 18:37, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Stephan Kulow wrote:
> >Am Mittwoch 04 Mai 2005 16:38 schrieb Jarosław Staniek:
> >> The de facto policy is kde code stored in SVN - other code (eg 3rd
> >> party apps using kdelibs) can be in CRLF, IMHO we shouldn't care.
> >
> >I only noticed that we had plenty of files with CRLF in KDE CVS. What I
> > just wonder about: will CRLF files be converted to LF automatically?
> I guess that, if those files are committed to by someone on a CRLF system,
> the CRLFs will be converted --- which may result in a mixed-encoding file
> if only the modified lines get converted.
> But I still don't understand what the problem is of having CRLF files on
> Windows. Can someone explain why having CRLF on Windows is bad?

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