svn currently overloaded

Mickael Marchand marchand at
Wed May 4 15:04:04 BST 2005

David Faure a écrit :
> On Wednesday 04 May 2005 15:32, Olaf Schmidt wrote:
>>[David Faure, Wednesday, 4. May 2005 14:51]
>>>As planned, everyone is checking out from SVN on the first day, so the
>>>SVN server is completely overloaded and slow.
>>Have tarballs been created for download somewhere else as discussed on 
>>this list? This might be a way to deal with this.
> kdelibs and koffice are now available from (to use a server 
> where we have available bandwidth :)
> kdepim is coming soon, hopefully more later.
> The URL of the tarballs is
> After unpacking, you'll have to use 
> svn switch https://<username><etc.>
> to be able to commit (or even update, for the koffice tarball).

isn't 'svn switch --relocate FROM TO' a bit better ? (else it will
checkout/diff from the server I think ...)
relocate is a working copy only operation iirc.


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