SVN: change defaults for line endings

Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Wed May 4 14:49:13 BST 2005

SVN: change defaults for line endings: from native to LF

1. Some Background

SVN defines so called 'eol-style' property. This defaults to 'native' value. 
'native', 'LF', 'CRLF' values are described here:

While hacking within kde on win32, I developed a 'de facto' rule of using LF 
line endings instead of CRLF on win32. This avoided breaking build tools and 
saved from mistakes many times, especially on kdelibs/win32.
It's also not too hard to imagine that, in many cases, a developer may want to 
move source files between unix and win32 filesystems, without a need for 
recoding line endings. So, summing up: I assumed that win32 devs are forced to 
use LF line endings.

In it's current state, KDE SVN uses 'native' eol-style. On checking out, you 
will get 'native' line endings on win32, ie. CRLF what is against 'LF" policy.

To fix this by hand, it's required to run for every source directory we have 
checked out:

% svn propset -R svn:eol-style LF *

This has to be done once, but note that in case when, after initial checking, 
somebody added a file to the repositiory, 'svn up' will download these new 
files in CRLF (native) mode on win32.

BUT: Isn't there a global switch within svn client to override 'native' 
setting? Yes in subversion/config we can enable these lines:

enable-auto-props = yes

* = svn:eol-style=LF

...but in the doc I've mentioned above, you can read that this woks only for 
'svn import' and 'svn add'. Existing files checked out from KDE repository, 
will have preserver 'native' setting.

2. Solution

I'd like to ask coolo to fix eol-style properies for every text file at the 
server side, before all people started to use SVN.

For example, change 'native' word to LF in .svn/props/something.h.svn-work:

K 13
V 2
native <-----------------------------------
K 12
V 23
Author Date Id Revision
K 13
V 11

3. Notes

- The won't change behaviour on UNIX systems, since 'native' == 'LF' here. 
Even MacOSX is not affected as it's a regular UNIX.

- If somebody wants to use CRLF on win32 he/she can run

% svn propset -R svn:eol-style native *

..but this is against line endings policy; important if he/she is planning to 

regards / pozdrawiam,
  Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska / Kexi Team  |

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