[another PATCH]: Kicker find as you type

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Tue May 3 15:56:17 BST 2005


Am Tuesday, 3. May 2005 16:45 schrieb Tom Karasek:
> hi,
> well - *searching* a menu for it's contents only shows that there is a
> problem with the menu in general: the lack of organisation and the
> crowdedness (uh, does this word really exist?) - but this is solved in well
> organised kde-centric distributions like mandrake.
> also, this feature *will* be difficult to use, since you (a) have to be
> careful not to click outside of the k-menu (otherwise it will close
> itself), (b) you introduce a mix of menu (k-menu) and textarea (for
> searching).
> however, i agree that there is a need to find applications sometimes. my
> quick ideas: (a) provide a kio-slave (e.g. app: "word") inside konqueror.
> (b) insert an entry inside the context menu of the k-menu (e.g. something
> like "search for applications...") or inside the k-menu itself (e.g.
> beneath "run command..."). this would open a separate window (e.g. a
> special
> konqueror-profile) and could provide the feature of saving searches.
> (c) wait until there is some beagle or spotlight-tool for KDE where
> searching for applications could easily be integrated... ;-)
(b) This would be like my first suggestion, won't it?

> disadvantages:
> (a) ordinary users mostly don't use kio-slaves. it's  a shame, because just
> typing audiocd:/ and copying virtual MP3s is such a magical thing... ;-)
I agree, kio-slaves are just not enough visible to the user (compared to 
kicker :) ).

> (b) this would add another entry to the k-menu / it's context menu.
One more item is a small price if it increases useability for many users. And 
if you do not like it you could simply disable it in kickers preferences.

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