[PATCH] kde-common/admin/acinclude.m4.in

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Mon May 2 22:52:24 BST 2005

There're installations (installed from bianry distribution, e.g. from SuSE 
update) where kdelibs are in 3.2 version but Qt in 3.3 version. With this 
patch we're no longer assuming that having Qt 3.3.x implies "kde33ornewer".

Without the patch we've:

configure: error: The important program makekdewidgets was not found!

...on such systems.

regards / pozdrawiam,
 Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska
 Developers wanted! Kexi Project: http://www.kexi-project.org
 KDElibs/Windows: http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=KDElibs+for+win32
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