CVS is going to be readonly this afternoon

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Mon May 2 11:09:19 BST 2005


To my standards the subversion conversion is good enough now and the efforts 
Oswald and me put into cleaning up the history were really worth it.

So today 5pm CEST is the moment I want to make readonly, do the 
final conversion and open when the conversion is done. You can 
continue working, but you will have to collect patches for the next hours (I 
plan with 24 hours starting this afternoon, but I won't give guarantees - 
correction before deadlines).

As soon as is online, you will have to re-checkout from 
subversion, copy over your changes and commit. Then you can safely remove 
your cvs checkout. Some instructions on how to use the KDE subversion tree 
can be found at

Please be aware that the next days will see a lot of further cleanup and 
perhaps some moving around (for example kde-i18n-doc discussed a cleanup). So 
if you're on a slow line, you might want to stay offline with your changes 
until the situation stabilized. This is an unique moment within KDE's 
history, so please bear with minor problems - we tried hard to minimize them.

Greetings, Stephan
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