[PATCH]: Kicker find as you type

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Sun May 1 21:08:12 BST 2005


I wrote a find as you type search feature for the KMenu. I added a popup menu 
over the bookmarks menu in the KMenu labeled "Application Quick Find". 

The new popup menu contains a LineEdit where the user can type the name of the 
application he wants to start (or the task he wants to do). Typing "web" will 
for example list all web browser which can be found (konqueror, firefox).

To find the application, I simply search the name, comment and executable name 
of all services.

A screenshot can be found here: 

The patch against HEAD can be found under this URL:

To be able to compile with the patch applied, you have to add the files
http://krename.sourceforge.net/data/kicker/find_mnu.h and 
http://krename.sourceforge.net/data/kicker/find_mnu.cpp to 
kdebase/kicker/ui/ .

Now I would like to know, how this feature can be further improved and wether 
I should commit it to CVS or not. 
I think it is a worthwile addition, as users can easily find the application 
they need, by remembering only a short part of the applications name (or in 
most cases simple by knowing what the application does).

Any feedback is appreciated.

CU Dom
Dominik Seichter - domseichter at web.de
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