Using KConfig XT/KConfigDialogManager with "compound" dialogs

Shaheed srhaque at
Sun May 1 03:47:04 BST 2005


I'm having a bit of trouble working out how to use KConfig XT with 
KConfigDialogManager, in the case where the actual dialog pages are 
dynamically built up from a fixed set of tabs plus a run-time generated set 
of tabs.

The specific case is kdemultimedia/kioslave/audiocd/kcmaudiocd. Here, I 
recently converted the fixed tabs to KConfigXT, and the per-encoder tabs 
(which already used KConfigXT) are added at run time depending on what the 
user has available. The net result is that the complete audiocd KCM module is 
represented by upto three rc files:


I then tried adding this to the settings dialog  in kscd like this (error 
handling removed for clarity):

    KService::Ptr audiocd = KService::serviceByDesktopName("audiocd");
    KCModuleInfo info(audiocd->desktopEntryPath());
    KCModule *m = KCModuleLoader::loadModule(info, KCModuleLoader::Inline);
    KConfigSkeleton *cfg = new KConfigSkeleton(QString::fromLatin1
    configDialog->addPage(m, cfg, i18n("CD Audio"), "audiocd", i18n("CD Audio 

Notice first that I only get to refer to one of the rc files. But even given 
the one I specified, I get this warning followed by an assertion on the 
following line 219:

kdecore (KConfigDialogManager): WARNING: A widget named 'kcfg_replaceInput' 
was found but there is no setting named 'replaceInput'
kscd: /home/srhaque/kdecvs/kdelibs/kdecore/kconfigdialogmanager.cpp:219: bool 
KConfigDialogManager::parseChildren(const QWidget*, bool): Assertion `false' 

Firstly, what am I doing wrong with the config for the fixed tabs? Secondly, 
is there any way to make the dynamic tabs work since I have no way to specify 
the extra rc files?

Thanks, Shaheed

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