Fonts in a KDE application

Kurt V. Hindenburg kurt.hindenburg at
Thu Mar 31 23:24:58 BST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 10:03 am, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
| Hi all,
| For KDE-Edu fancyness we would like to use specific fonts in some
| applications. We are thinking in making the install the new
| font (it's very easy and the user can install it locally or system-wide).
Not to hijack this thread as I'm not sure if Anne-Marie was asking about this 
exactly, but in Konsole we install the console bitmap font in 
$KDEDIR/share/fonts.  In order for those fonts to show up in the KFontDialog, 
the user must first install them via KControl->System Administor->Font 
Installer (I've thrown up simple instruction on  Is there a 
way to automatic at installation time or at KDE init?


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