[PATCH] New KFileItem::assign() for Optimizing KDirListerCache

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Fri Mar 25 14:23:35 GMT 2005

Le Vendredi 25 Mars 2005 14:58, David Faure a écrit :
> OK - can we name it something else than assign, though, to remove some
> possible confusion? How about load? setData? update?
> update() sounds best I guess. This is about updating the data in an
> existing kfileitem.

Not sure... as Michael pointed out the given UDSEntry can come from a 
completely different URL. In this case it can be seen as creating a brand new 

update/refresh could be used for something stating again the URL and loading 
the resulting UDSEntry.

I tend to dislike assign, since I'd expect assigning from a KFileItem.

load or setData look like good choices...
I propose setEntry as an alternative choice though.

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