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Piotr Szymanski djurban at
Fri Mar 25 00:06:45 GMT 2005

Stephan Kulow (Wednesday 23 of March 2005 10:32):
> Now that we have the new hard discs, nothing stops
> us from converting to subversion - beside ourselves.
If it is not a problem i would like to use this occasion to finally rework the 
kde-i18n module into sth more usable.

What i have on my mind is:
- splitting kde-i18n into:
kde-i18n-other (i wanted to call that media, since most of the stuff there 
would be .ogg fiels for edu aps but thinking that we could also put 
thesauruses and searchproviders there)

Also what would be extremely nice is a structure that would allow comfortable 
checking out an entire languages and also an entire module. I havent yet 
thought on how it would be done though. But when properly designed that would 
enable kde to ship per-kdemodule i18ns for people that use kde on 
multilingual workstations (such as the unis).

I will post more on this after i finish learning prolog.
Piotr Szymanski
djurban at

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