kio_lan crashes in KInstancePrivate

Michael Brade brade at
Thu Mar 24 19:53:24 GMT 2005


as I mentioned already kio_lan crashes on exit rather often, I haven been able 
to explain it yet. I haven't got the Lisa deamon running and the slave 
usually crashes when it is stopped befored it has a chance to pop up the 
dialog saying the Lisa deamon is running.

Does anyone know why it crashes in KInstancePrivate? It seems the 
mimeSourceFactory is invalid, but just from reading the code I can't see 
anything wrong with it.

kio (Scheduler): Scheduler: killing slave 473
kio (Slave): killing slave pid=473 (lan://)
kio (kioslave):  dispatchLoop() slave was killed, returning
==473== Invalid read of size 4
==473==    at 0x1BA964E1: KShared::_KShared_unref() const (ksharedptr.h:68)
==473==    by 0x1C0E88D3: KSharedPtr<KSharedConfig>::~KSharedPtr() 
==473==    by 0x1C12E9FB: KInstancePrivate::~KInstancePrivate() 
==473==    by 0x1C12D973: KInstance::~KInstance() (kinstance.cpp:140)
==473==    by 0x1C24C6D3: kdemain (kio_lan.cpp:87)
==473==    by 0x8048999: main (in /opt/kde-3/bin/kioslave)
==473==  Address 0x1D72E524 is 84 bytes inside a block of size 88 free'd
==473==    at 0x1B906CA8: operator delete(void*) (vg_replace_malloc.c:155)
==473==    by 0x1C0B4D87: KSharedConfig::~KSharedConfig() (kconfig.cpp:365)
==473==    by 0x1C24CF2B: LANProtocol::LANProtocol(int, QCString const&, 
QCString const&) (kio_lan.cpp:130)
==473==    by 0x1C24C696: kdemain (kio_lan.cpp:85)
==473==    by 0x8048999: main (in /opt/kde-3/bin/kioslave)

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