SVN timing

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Thu Mar 24 14:23:41 GMT 2005

Simon Perreault wrote:

>> loosing "checking out by date" ability. no way to find a commit by date,
>> no way to reliably diff  the repository by date.
> Why then does "svn help checkout" advertise that ability?

I think this came from a discussion of how to do the conversion. If you do
the conversion one module at a time (as was proposed at first) but still
you want them to end up in one repository (so that things can be moved
between them easily), then you end up with the revision numbers not in
ascending order by date. This can only happen when messing around with
dump/load, since 'real' time doesn't go backwards.

In a repository where the revisions are 'out of order', the {date} options
don't work anymore, because they are based on binary searching the
revisions for the nearest date. But if one does the conversion in one fell
swoop, everything comes out right and dates work fine. And AFAIK that's the
plan now.

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