SVN timing

Nikolas Zimmermann wildfox at
Thu Mar 24 01:33:05 GMT 2005

On Thursday 24 March 2005 00:28, Richard Moore wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:32:12 +0100, Dirk Mueller <mueller at> wrote:
> > loosing "checking out by date" ability. no way to find a commit by date,
> > no way to reliably diff  the repository by date.
> This is a MAJOR loss from my point of view. I often use this facility. :-(
I agree, I also use this quite often to completely diff a project against
a version, say two days ago.
> > Ah, also we'll experience a factor 2-3 slowdown of all repository
> > operations.
> That doesn't sound good either.

It sounds like we really shouldn't move to SVN.
The only thing I'd like to ask: why hasn't this mentioned before?!
(In case I missed someone pointing out this stuff before, forgive me..)

All the fuzz about a new version control system, which doesn't really
have _that_ much benefits for us it seems *grml* *grml* *grml*


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