SVN timing

Adam Treat manyoso at
Wed Mar 23 23:54:03 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 5:32 pm, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> well, atomic commits and less commit log messages (if only e.g. translators
> wouldn't commit each file separately). too bad we already have
> atomic-commit log messages with CVS, so no difference here.
> Also, we loose website updating for a while until we fixed all the servers.
> we loose all server side scripts doing automatic stuff on our repository.
> no way to clean out old commits or branches. Probably 100 people not being
> able to remember their CVS password and asking sysadmins to setup a new
> one.
> snapshot generation and half a dozen other scripts I maintain will be
> broken until I find time to convert them. even then we'll probably spend
> several weeks fixing all the regressions.
> loosing "checking out by date" ability. no way to find a commit by date, no
> way to reliably diff  the repository by date.
> Ah, also we'll experience a factor 2-3 slowdown of all repository
> operations.

Dude, that was a great impression of Debbie Downer from SNL!

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