SVN timing

Wilco Greven greven at
Wed Mar 23 22:14:28 GMT 2005

Op woensdag 23 maart 2005 20:23, schreef Alexander Neundorf:
> On Wednesday 23 March 2005 19:21, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> ...
> > Before this is done, is there anyone 'in the know' who could write up a
> > command quick-ref for all of us who have not had the time / need to get
> > up to speed on subversion until now?
> >
> > Basically a 'You did X before, do Y now' would be great. :P
> I guess everybody has to re-checkout his sources ?

Maybe it's possible to create a diff between the last clean CVS checkout and a 
new SVN checkout. Then people with little bandwidth can apply this patch to 
convert their CVS tree to a SVN tree.


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