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Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed Mar 23 21:26:43 GMT 2005

Jason Keirstead wrote:
>Before this is done, is there anyone 'in the know' who could write up a
>command quick-ref for all of us who have not had the time / need to get
> up to speed on subversion until now?
>Basically a 'You did X before, do Y now' would be great. :P

This is what I referred to as the "HOWTO/FAQ/whatever-it-is that I started 
writing" in the other email.

I plan to do exactly what you guys are asking now: provide a "what you 
used to do" and "what you should do now".

Some of the scripts in kdesdk/scripts I have ported already to SVN. Not 
all of them, especially not cvsbackport & cvsforwardport, because I 
couldn't get a reliable behaviour in switching to branches automatically.

I promised to commit them today. I'll get around to doing that now.

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